Intelligence classification engine

What it does

Classify and cluster data from scattered sources

In real life, an analyst spends 80% of time reading and classifying data and only 20% analyzing it. Otto is geared to automate the long preparation work for you. It understands the massive data and classifies it into meaningful categories. Your data is readily organized for effective analysis.


Extract key information and the most valuable insights

Whether you’re looking for specific names, the latest sales figures, or the most insightful paragraph in an article, Otto is able to identify and extract them for you. You don’t have to search for them in your ocean of data.

Prioritize and synthesize

Otto learns from your data to prioritize the contents. It synthesizes in a few paragraphs an ensemble of documents. Otto also sorts out repetitive or similar documents so you avoid wasting time on them.

Get Otto to save time across industries


Automate KYC controls and AML/CFT monitoring

Financial Analyst

Classify financial and analyst reports, extract key information at once

Market Research

Classify market research contents. Identify and extract key insights about your consumers, influencers, competitors and market trends

Insurance Claims

Classify claim documents. Extract key information related to a case for faster claim processing


Explore legal documents and identify the most relevant precedent cases. Extract key information


Classify news and articles