Cognitive Automation for Smart Customer Support

Intelligence classification engine

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Otto is recognized as the best AI solution for customer experience by Trophées AI Business Day award.

The only omnichannel AI solution trusted by support centers to improve productivity and customer satisfaction


Customer agents spend up to 15% of their time reading, classifying and prioritizing emails before further workflows to complete a resolution. Otto Mailbot is trained to understand the meaning of customer messages in your context and automate the corresponding processing the way you define it.

  • Tag, classify and route emails
  • Suggest answers to agents
  • Automate responses to the most repetitive customer emails


Your customers wish to reach you the second they call. Your agents are busy dealing with nonstop inbound calls, over 50% of which simple and repetitive requests. Otto Voicebot cuts customers’ wait time at your call center and gives a full resolution for simple requests, without taking up your agents’ time.

  • Welcome customers, converse in natural language and understand their requests
  • Give answers to simple requests
  • Route the call to the right person when the request should be taken over by a human agent

Voice of the customer

Each customer interaction gives you insights into what your customers care about and how they feel. Reading and listening to customer interactions across channels, Otto turns its understanding into valuable insights that support your operational and strategic decision making.

Virtual assistant

Otto Virtual Assistant provides useful contextual information and suggests the next best action to your agents. Its predictive AI empowers agents to maximize customer value at each support interaction.

How it works


Otto receives and reads
your customer request


Otto suggests an answer that your agent
and finalizes

Otto can also send a reply and complete
associated actions automatically

Get Otto to increase customer satisfaction

Faster response and resolution,  happier and loyal customers



More productive team dealingwith value-adding activities

Remarkable accuracy in understanding and answering customer questions


Data security and privacy guaranteed, 100% compliant with GDPR

Running night and day, easily handling the growing number of queries


Seamless integration with your platforms

Other platforms? Get in touch.

You work in a data-rich environment other than
customer support center?

Discover our intelligent classification solution customized for your industry.