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Intelligence classification engine

Award-winning AI solution trusted by service centers of businesses and public organizations.

You deserve better support to deliver the customer delight

Your customers require fast and immediate resolution over all channels

  • Response time is the top 1 cause of insatisfaction
  • Customers get especially frustrated when they have to wait long time to get response for their simple and standard requests

Your support agents have to deal with repetitive and tedious tasks

  • 50% of customer requests are repetitive
  • 30% of agents’ time is spent on mundane tasks: classify, prioritize, route, search for information…

Managers rely on poor and outdated data to analyze the team and workflow performance

95% of managers do not have a quantitative and real-time view of detailed metrics to improve customer service.

Otto provides the most reliable assistance to agents and managers

A fast and reliable virtual assistant to your agents


Like a team assistant, Otto works alongside your agents and helps them with the mundane tasks. Otto is able to understand customer intents, categorize and route the requests. Otto also suggests the right answers and related actions so agents can speed up their response and process.

An easy-to-use cockpit for managers


We understand that to truly put people in the center of the service, smart processes are essential. Otto Cockpit empowers managers to define and implement processes, identify malfunctioning and low performant workflow, and zoom in to find causes and make it better with their teams.

Unlocking insights for a customer-centric organization


Each customer interaction gives you insights into what your customers care about and how they feel. Reading and listening to customer interactions across channels, Otto turns its understanding into actionable insights. Going beyond customer support, use these valuable customer insights to support your organization’s operational and strategic decision making.

Get Otto to increase your customer satisfaction and productivity

Faster response and resolution,  happier and loyal customers



More productive team dealing with value-adding activities

Remarkable accuracy in understanding and answering customer questions


Data security and privacy guaranteed, 100% compliant with GDPR

Running night and day, easily handling the growing number of queries


Seamless integration with your platforms

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You work in a data-rich environment other than
customer support center?

Discover our intelligent classification solution customized for your industry.